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Our Journey & The Road Ahead

The Inspiration of Fearless Wines

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We raise our glass in celebration of those who are willing to take the road less traveled in the hopes of achieving their dreams. We started Fearless Wines with two goals: to do things differently and to buck the trend that exceptional wine is limited to Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley.

Our winemaker, Chelsea Hoff, sources unique grape varietals and meticulously crafts them into beautiful wines that showcase the unique practices behind some of the world's finest wines. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and two big checkmarks next to those goals we started with. We can't wait to share our passion with you.

A Sip Above the Rest

Like cooking, you have to start with the best ingredients to get the best result. That's why we source the crème de la crème of fruit from organic vineyards and pick at just the right time. It's also why we maintain a limited production—it allows us to ensure the purity of fruit every step of the way until it reaches your glass.

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